Coastal Works (The Latest news as of 03/05/2024)

A very welcome 2,000 tonnes of rock arrives at Benacre.

Benacre & Kessingland Flood Management Project

These urgent interventions, designated as emergency works by the environment agency, are in place as a temporary safeguard until the benacre & kessingland flood management project is operational.

This project plans to relocate the coastal defences further inland to offer a long-term, sustainable solution to both coastal and fluvial flooding in the region. These measures are critical for the protection of residents, properties, agricultural areas, businesses, and essential infrastructure, such as the a12.

The goal is for these protections to remain effective until the primary scheme is activated; however, the erratic nature of the north sea precludes any guarantees!

While the project's detailed design is complete and contractors are developing the construction program, the scheme currently faces a £25m funding shortfall. The project is actively engaging with suffolk county council, the department for energy security and net zero, and sizewell c to bridge this financial gap.

Should the funding issue be resolved promptly, we anticipate commencing on-site work in autumn 2024, with construction on the embankments beginning in spring 2025.

In the interim, the stakeholders, the environment agency, the water management alliance (wma), and its contractors will collaborate closely to manage the coastal frontage and provide support as necessary.